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Something Twisted this way comes
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 A Wondering Stranger

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PostSubject: A Wondering Stranger   A Wondering Stranger EmptyThu Aug 16, 2012 1:35 pm

Taran had been walking alone for a few days. Searching for anyone that looked familiar, or just anyone that can help him. Also, he was still on the run from The Horned King's army. He decided to settle down next to the lake to get some rest, and refresh himself by using the waters of the lake to drink. He scooped a handful of water, and pour it down his throat.

He stared hopelessly into the lake, thinking of his dearest friends. Eilowny, Fflewddur, and the lovable Gurgi. All of them, that meant so much to them. Now were gone. He lifted up his head, tighten his fists. He just had to find them. He had to find his friends.
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A Wondering Stranger
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