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Something Twisted this way comes
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 Twisted Ariel's past fanfic

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PostSubject: Twisted Ariel's past fanfic   Twisted Ariel's past fanfic EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 11:09 pm

Sometimes happily ever after is not the end. It's a start. And as you are about to see a horrible start.
Someones happy ending is anothers death. Or worse. When the bad guys were defeated nobody expected them to come back. Just the oposite. Everyone believed they were headed for only goodtimes and happily ever afters. Then the war started.

After getting her prince Ariel the daughter of Triton married him. She thought it was the best day of her life. She was happy, eventhough she was sad to not see her family so often anymore. She was saying goodbye to her father on the edge of the ship. ”Bye father. I will miss you.” She said giving her father one last hug. He hugged her thightly. ”Bye my dear daughter. Take care of yourself.” He said separating from the hug. Ariel smiled softly and looked down at her sisters, waving her goodbye to them, watching how they dived under the waves. She felt like she was about to cry. Her father cupped her cheek, wiping the tear away. ”We will see eachother soon. Do not worry.” He said gently. A loud thunder was heard in the horizon. They both looked to its direction. That was odd, it had been such a beautifull day, and now the sky was turning dark. ”You better go to shore before the storm reaches you my daughter.” King Triton said before letting the water colum to lower himself down to the ocean. Ariel nodded as they exchanged last looks. Then her father was gone, diving into the deep blue sea. She swallowed as she headed to her husband. He wrappped his arms around her comfortingly and kissed her forehead. ”You will see them soon.” He said as he gave the order to sail back to shore. Ariel looked at the storm clouds, and she couldn't help but feeling a little anxious. Like something bad was about to happen.

Something strange was going on, and she could sense it. Eric seemed more stressed during dinners, and he wouldn't share his worries with her. They had heard that the north-eastern kingdom of Cersia had closed its borders. They exported jewels and gemstones, that they seemed to have an endless suply of. Queen Snow White and her husband had vanished into thin air it seemed. And they had seemed like a stable couple to rule. Eric had sent a delegation to try to get them to open up their borders again, but the delegation had vanished. If that was not enough the ships Eric sent to trade with other countries sank mysteriously. She knew they were in a dangerous position. Their countrys income came from shipping goods in and out of the country. And to top that off people were accusing the damn Atlantians of the sinking of the ships. She felt hated everywhere she went. She just decided to stay in the castle. She tried to surround herself with amusement to keep herself from thinking about the troubles that were brewing. She was a fifteen year old girl, it all was too much for her to take. She didn't think her father was responsible for the sinkings, but the worry was knawing her insides. ”But we have to know what is happening Eric!! My father wouldn't do this kind of thing!” She tried to pleaher husband to send her to see her father. ”No!! For the last time, you are not going to put yourself in danger out there!!” He said storming out of the room. She fell to the ground crying hopelessly. She had to do something. She wiped her tears away and got up from the floor, dusting her dress as she walked out of the room.

Few nights later she snuck out of the castle. She had left a note for Eric. By the time he would read it she would be far out at sea. She made her way to the docks where she had arranged a boat to take her to Atlantis. When they had sailed for hours they anchored near Atlantis. She slowly neared the side of the boat. She took some seashells out of her pocket. She looked down on them laying a kiss on it before throwing one over board. And now she waited.

She waited for hours it seemed, and the crew was getting impatient. ”Your Highness, we have been waiting for hours now, they are not showing. We should go back. It is almost dawn.” The captain came to her. She juststood there looking in the dark waters. ”No, they will show. They have to.” She said quietly. She couldn't deny she wasn't tired, but she couldn't go back emptyhanded. She heard the captain sigh in frustration before she heard him walk away from her. She was sure she could hear him curse her under his breath, but it didn't matter now. She took a deep breath, staring at the water. Suddenly she saw a shadow swim under the surface. She shook her head and rushed to look over the edge. Her mouth hang open when she could regocnise the familiar colors of her sisters tails. They were circeling the ship. She didn't have a good feeling about this. Why didn't they come and say hello to her. And where was her father. ”What is it your Highness?” She heard one of the crew men ask. He was coming closer to the edge of the boat to look at the water with her. Suddenly the swirling colors vanished. She guessed they swam deeper, and that could mean just one thing. ”No!! Get away!!” She said pushing the crew member out of the way as she saw Arista jump out of the water to charge at the crew member. Ariel heard her sister thump on the side of the boat, then a splash as she landed back to the water. She quickly got back up and looked over the railing again. What was going on?! The crew member stumbeled up and ran to inform the captain. The captain hurried out of his cabin to the side of the boat. Ariel was frantically trying to spot her sisters again. She didn't like this. ”Quickly!! We have to leave here now!! And keep away from the edge!” She warned the men. The captain gave a look that had a mixture of confusion and frustration. He gave the order however. Suddenly the realisation of the danger they were in when one of his crew members went a bit too close to the edge and one of Ariels sisters snatched him. ”STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE MEN!!! WE HAVE MERMAIDS ON OUR BACKS!!” He bellowed as he headed to the steering wheel. Ariel ran to the front of the ship, she gathered the heavy hems of her dress as she ran. She tried to spot Attina. She was the oldest of them after all. When she did she yelled out. ”Attina!! Attina what is going on!!! Why are you attacking!!??” She was shocked when her older sister jumped up from the waves and charged her. Ariel was able to dodge just in time. She heard her sister growl before she landed on the water. The men were yelling orders at eachother, trying to get the ship to move, sometimes there could be heard a few alarmed screams when some poor soul was pulled underwater. Ariel tried to block it all out. She tried to keep track of her sisters, suddenly noticing the ominous splashing noises stop as her sisters stopped jumping on the men. That just meant something much worse was about to happen. She soon found out when they heard a loud thump on the side, and then the ship creack ominously. Ariel and the captain ran to the side, looking down. Ariel could see her sisters were using harpoos to make a hole to the wooden side of the boat. ”This is your fault you bitch!!” The captain screamed at her. She really felt quilty. The captain grabbed her by the arms and dragged her closer to the edge. ”You bitches want her!! Here you go!! But let us go!!” Ariel could see her sisters look up at them and then pull the harpoon out of the ships side. They waited for the captain to fill his part of the deal. He threw the struggling queen overboard. Some of the crew looked away as they heard her scream as she hit the water. Ariel swam back to the surface sputtering the water out of her human lungs. The weight of her now wet skirts was pulling her down. Suddenly she felt six pairs of hands pulling her down aswell. She screamed one last time before she was pulled in. She could see the ship starting to sail away. Her sisters were dragging her with them to someplace. She soon lost conciousness.

She opened her eyes at what she recognised to be her former home. But someone had decorated it anew. It was much darker and colder. She sat up and looked around, noticing she had lost her legs and was looking at her fins. ”Good, you finally woke up.” She heard a smooth voice talk to her. The hairs on her neck stood up as she recognised who it was. She slowly turned around, only to see Ursula the sea witch sitting on her fathers throne and wearing his crown ad holding his trident. Her eyes traveled on either side of the sea witch seeing her sisters stand there like soldiers, looking down at her with cold emotioneless eyes. ”What did you do to my sisters!!??” Ariel yelled in anger to the witch. She clenched her fists, wanting to attack the octopuss lady. But thought it was unwise now that she had the trident. ”I just put a mind control spell on them, like I did with your dear Eric.” She mused to herself. Ariel looked at the six sisters. They looked like they were under something. ”A- and what about my father.” The witch chuceled. ”Dead.” She motioned towards the mermaids on her side. ”Killed by his own daughters.” Ariels stomach sank. 'Oh no!!' She covered her mouth trying to hold the sickening feeling inside. The witch smirked as she slid off the throne, one of her tentacles holding the trident tight. ”Yes my dear, and you shall join them.” She said as she whipped out a seashell. Ariel looked at it terrified. The witch started to perform her magic. Ariels vision slowly going blurry before she knew nothing of her actions.

Ariel covered her ears, as she heard a deafening sound drilling in her head. She screamed, wanting to make it stop. ”Please!! Please stop it!!” She was rocking her body as she tried to block the painfull sound away. ”Stop!! It's her!! It's Ariel!!” She heard someone yell before the sound finally stopped. She uncovered her ears and looked up to see Eric. She had no idea how she had gotten here. She looked around, seeing a dead bloodied body on the ground infront of her. She gasped as she tried to back away from it. She still was in her mermaid form, and her hands were bloody. ”Wha- what did I do?!” She looked at Eric in alarm, tears rimming her eyes. ”Eric?” She let his name hang in the silence that fell on the ship. She could hear shrieking and splashing from the outside of the ship. She started to crawl to the edge of the ship. ”Stop it!! You are hurting them!!” She said looking how some of the sailors had Arista in a net and were trying to calm her down from trashing around. They were using harpoons to poke her and keeping the others away. Ariel looked away. ”What happened?” She asked Eric. Her husband briskly walked to her and picked her up in his arms. ”No time to explain.” He carried her to one of the life boats behind the ship. He handed her to some sailors before he headed back accross the dec, drawing his sword from its sheat. Ariel struggeled in the strangers arms. ”No!! Eric!!! Don't leave me!!!” She cried tears coming to her eyes. The life boat was lowering down and soon she couldn't see him anymore. She began crying, and stopped struggling. In the distance could be seen dark clouds as the thunder was rolling in. Her eyes watched in horror as the big ship in the distance was being dragged down by a huge tentacles. She guessed they belonged to Ursula. She heard the screams and cries for help, then nothing as the ship sank. The boat ride to the shore was quiet. All that could be heard was her sobs.

It had been few months after Eric had brought her back. He had probably died. All that could be found was pieces of drift wood. Nobody dared to take any boats out of the harbor anymore. She had hired a low level witch to change her back to a human, but the best the witch could do was to separate her fins into two legs, still covered by her green scales. She still had gills so she could breathe underwater. She wore normal clothes to cover her bizarre form from others. She felt more alone now than ever. Everyone seemed to blame her for it all. She had been missing over a year, and alot had happened. The kingdom of Cersia had opened its borders again, and this time there was a new queen in charge. Queen Grimhilde. Oh Snow White hadn't died, that she wanted to make clear. The new queen kept her Snow White near her at all times, so this time it clearly wasn't about killing her. And the kingdom of Meliora had changed leaders too. A witch named Maleficent had overthrown king Stephanus and queen Lea. Only they had not been so lucky. Maleficent had them beheaded. But according to gossip their daughter Aurora had been able to escape. The western country of Andalasia had lost its rulers also, no one knew what had happened to princess Cinderella or her husband. The new ruler dubbed herself as queen Tremaine. The desert city Agrabah had been completely crushed in the war. It was all in ruins. Eyewitnesses and refugees spoke of mystical giants batteling with eachother before the city was crushed. The red and blue giant they said, no one knew what happened to the people in the palace. People guessed they had lost their lives. The people from the city had started fleeing at the first sight of the monsters. And the small swamp country of Lavonia, almost no news came from that place. Illusia was still standing somehow. Now that the country had lost Eric they were pressured from the sea and from the land. The generals wouldn't keep her informed about anything. She was a woman, and someone who had practically gotten them into this situation. It was all hopeless in her opinion. All she could do now was to wait for the angry people to come and kill her into her bed. One day she was walking to the conference room, seeing abunch of generals chatting. She walked to them, demanding to know what kind of situation they were in. The generals tried to ignore her, but finally agreed to tell her. Their army was starving, as were the people of Illusia. So now it was only the question of where to sign their surrender, and who would they serve under. “B-but what about me!!??” She exclaimed shocked at how willingly they were willing to throw her to the sharks. “If you leave now you can get a headstart. Who knows what happens tomorrow.” One of the generals spat at her before they all walked away. She couldn't believe this, this wasn't happening. Not to her. She ran back to her rooms. She locked the door, and started to cry. She did that for an hour before she finally was able to calm down. She sat up on her bed, wiping her tears away. They were right. It was inevitable. If the war would go on any longer the citisens would rebel and rush into the castle to kill her. And if she would surrender herself God only knew what they would do to her then. She got up and went to her wardrobe, going through her clothes until she found a lighter dress she could run in. She put it on, and dressed in a cloack. She then sneaked in the dark castle to get herself a weapon of some sort and some food for the trip. She then creeped into the stables and got a horse. The strongest ones had been sent to the front, she had to be satisfied with a weak old horse. She rode it towards the north. If she could reach the mountains she would be safe.

She had to slow down, the horse was old and got tired easily. She looked behind herself, all she could see was the castle as a small dot in the distance. She let the horse walk, not rushing it. She was far enough for them to catch her so soon. She knew that there was a rebel camp in the north. They were originally part of the kingdom of Meliora, but kept their area independent. It was all thanks to the high cliffs that were surrounded by the sea and the dence forest, also they had some mountains to shield them from attacks. She just hoped they would take her in.

Ariel was riding through the forest. It was dark and she kept looking to her sides for anything possibly hostile. She heard the owl hoot, not paying much mind to it. Suddenly she heard something crack, and then someone grabb her and drag her off the horse. She wanted to scream, but someone smacked their hand on her mouth to keep her quiet. The horse spooked and ran away. She struggeled against her assailent, suddenly feeling cold and sharp steel against her throath. Her eyes widened as she stopped struggeling. “Now who are you and what are you doing in our forest?” She heard a rugged male voice ask. She waited for him to remove his hand before speaking. “I am Ariel, I suppose a former queen of Illusia.” She said quietly. She felt the man tighten his grip. “Well that is interesting. I recall a redhaired bitch and her sisters sinking some ships. One of where my father and brother were. I spoke to one of the survivors, and they saw you jump on the deck and kill them with a fork!” He pressed the knife on her throath. “Tell me what stops me from gutting you right here and now!?” “Me...” They heard someone else talk from the shadows. It was a skinny tall man, he looked like a gypsy. “What brings you in this part of the world?” He asked her when he circeled infront of them both. “I-I just want everything like it used to be. I don't want to die. I just want the happily ever after I was promised.” She said her voice cracking when she said the last part. She remembered Eric. He had been her happily ever after and he had been taken from her. Clopins face softened. “Well you came to the right place then.” He faced the man holding Ariel, almost if telling the man to let go. “Come with us and we will get you setteled to your new life as a rebel.” He said leading them to the town of Burak.
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Twisted Ariel's past fanfic
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