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Something Twisted this way comes
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Beware of the forest

A mysterious bear like monster has been causing terror on the forest of Dobryn. Five people have been found dead. No one is adviced to go to the forest alone and without any weapon. Queen Maleficent has organised guards to protect the towns and the city from the beast. No one is allowed outside or inside the city after night fall after the gates close.

Bridal gossip

This is just hear say, no confirmation just yet. King James has been looking for a bride. Now rumors of a arranged marriage have been discussed. Popular choises include Andalasias princesses Anastasia and Drisella, princess Snow White and Melioras princess Aurora. Other names have been offered, but it would be interesting to see wich country forms an alliance with Illusia via marriage. Nothing official has been announced yet.

Bad weather everywhere

For a whole week there is promised rains and storms allover Disneyland. There might be short breaks in rain, but not more than fifteen minutes. So keep your umbrellas close by folks.
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