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 Arista's Departure

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Arista's Departure Empty
PostSubject: Arista's Departure   Arista's Departure EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 8:16 am

After clearing it with Ursula, Arista had been granted her wish to once again travel to the top lands to expand their hunting area. So far she had done well, drowning vasts amount of men who were careless enough to follow her back to the coast, but the numbers were lessening. This worried Arista, a heartless demon who seemed to become weaker with emotion everytime she stepped upon land but nevertheless, it drew her in. It was addictive. The feel of sand against her toes as she walked amongst the humans. Like a drug.

Arista's ruby red tail swam her upwards to the point where the sea met the land and from there she shifted into her human form. Her blonde hair loosened from its ponytail into soft locks down her back as water submerged around her to reveal legs in place of her ususal tail.
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Arista's Departure
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