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Something Twisted this way comes
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 I'd rather be alone

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Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

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I'd rather be alone Empty
PostSubject: I'd rather be alone   I'd rather be alone EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 4:25 am

Tiger Lily sat a fair distance from everyone else, leaning against the massive crocodile she called friend. nobody tried to go near her, the last attempt to talk to the girl lay decomposing between the crocodile's giant paws. Tiger Lily watched with detached interest as the warriors prepared for battle, getting ready to attack a scouting party of enemy origin that was coming their way. each of them had a special whistle around their necks, if anything got too difficult, they could easily summon the crocodile and Tiger Lily. she closed her eyes as they left, knowing they wouldn't. it was just a bunch of stupid low-level soldiers. no worries.

a few hours later they came back, exactly as Tiger Lily expected, but there was a problem. she put her hand on the crocodile as her father came near her to keep it from eating him. while she didn't care for humanity much any more, her father was still her father. he looked warily at the crocodile before looking at his daughter. "spells are nasty things, find the perpetrator Tiger Lily" Tiger Lily raised an eyebrow and pointed at the croc and her father just shrugged. "we can protect ourselves. go, now" the girl stood up then, bowed and climbed onto the crocodile's back, accepting the bag of food her father handed her. with that, she exited the village
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I'd rather be alone
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