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 Important Characters list.

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Important Characters list. Empty
PostSubject: Important Characters list.   Important Characters list. EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 7:14 am

So if somebody wonders who is leading what country, Or who is leading the Rebellion army. You can look here.

Former Rulers: Ariel and Eric.
Current Ruler: Captain James Hook. (Peter pan)
Companion: None at the moment

Former Rulers: King Stefan and queen Leah ( and Aurora, Prince Phillip)
Current Ruler: Maleficent.
Companion: None at the moment

Former Rulers: Snow White and the Prince (charming) David.
Current Ruler: Grimhilde ( Witch from Snow white)
Companion: Snow White?

Former Rulers: Cinderella and Prince charming.
Current Ruler: Lady Tremaine
Companion: Anastasia and Drizella

Former Rulers: Belle and the Beast.
Current Ruler: Belle and the Beast.
Companion: none at the moment.

Former Rulers: The sultan.
Current Ruler: Nobody (Because it's destroyed.)
Companion: Nobody (Because it's destroyed.)

New Atlantis:
Former Rulers: Triton
Current Ruler: Ursula
Companion: The sisters of Ariel (Under Ursula's spell)

The rebellion army:
Current Leader: Clopin
Companion: Pheobus

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Important Characters list.
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