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Something Twisted this way comes
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 Your mind is sick again. [Tag: Anyone]

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Your mind is sick again. [Tag: Anyone] Empty
PostSubject: Your mind is sick again. [Tag: Anyone]   Your mind is sick again. [Tag: Anyone] EmptyTue Sep 25, 2012 3:54 pm

Rose walked along the streets in the town. It was silent, everyone was still sleeping. Calmly without any fear. Rose's lips curled up into a smile. Faults are human. She was still a bit unsatisfied with her visit in the library. The books hadn't said her anything, but what she already knew. For now... She was on her way to someone. If he went to bed with the feeling he might never wake up from his peaceful dream?

Rose sneaked into the house. He was laying on the bed. Sleeping. Peacefully. Rose pressed her lips together. He shouldn't be. The knife in her hand sparkled in the dawn of the day and blood run down the wooden planks. She tilted her head and smiled. Satisfied. Feeling peace inside her heart.

Carefully she sneaked back on the streets. Walking slowly to the Marking Place. Her way brought her to the spring, where she sat down. Greeting the day with a quiet song, humming in pleasure.
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Your mind is sick again. [Tag: Anyone]
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