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 Sweet Belladonna

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Grimhilde came back to her laboratory. She had earlier in the day gotten hold of her despised step-daughter and managed to make her very needed Youth Potion. After that she had taken a trip to the market to get the ingredients she lacked for the poison. The main ingredient the Queen had collected from one of her gardens: Atropa belladonna. She had chosen the plant because the name pleased her vain personality, and for the deadly purposes too of course. She would get quite the show before death would claim the jester, Clopin.

Test tubes and distill were already bubbling and boiling. The vain woman took the Belladonna plant and started to rip leaves from it, which were the most toxic parts of the plant. But she was planning on using the whole thing. Better play it safe. Grimhilde definently didn't want Hades to show his ugly face in her castle anytime soon. She was still pristling from his latest visit. It was fortunate she had Snow White to take her anger on. Grimhilde could still picture the fair girl's pained face as the evil Queen taken her blood.

Grimhilde ripped the leaves apart a little and then added them into the poison base. She turned the flame under the test bottle a bit higher and watched it boil for a minute. Then she quelled the flame and took the bottle with forceps as not to burn her hands and poured it through a sieve. The Queen put the bowl aside to cool down and remembered she had forgotten to bring the apples she was going to inject the poison in. She sighed and left the laboratory, not aware of the person hiding behind the open door. Grimhilde closed the door after herself and the person was left alone in the room.


(OOC: I am controlling Snow White this one time, so no worries to those who are interested in taking her. ^^)

Snow White had sneaked into the laboratory before her step-mother and hid behind the door. She was still feeling a little weak and wobbly on her legs because of her blood being taken twice in the same day but she didn't give a thought to that because she had something important to do. Snow White had heard Grimhilde and Hades' conversation and their plan to assassinate the leader of the rebels, Clopin. She had heard about them and their opposition to the evil dictatures. She had mused if the leader would die the rebels would go into dissarrey and stop fighting. Snow White didn't want that so she decided to make her best to prevent Grimhilde's mission succeeding.

The girl had found out how the Queen was planning on murdering Clopin; a poison apple. The same way she had tricked Snow White. That angered her and made her more determined.

The fair girl watched from her hiding place Grimhilde work. Then came her chance as the older woman left the laboratory. As soon as the Queen closed the door, Snow White went straight to the bowl. She took a little vial from her skirt's pocket and poured it in the poison. She had gotten her hands on some of the antidote against Belladonna poisoning. But Snow White wasn't quite sure if it would work this way but she hoped it would have somekind of effect on the poison so it won't be lethal.

She smiled a little from her good deed and then left the room.


Grimhilde came back with the apples and continued on working. She took a syringe from a table and filled it with the poison. She injected it to one of the apples. She inspected the apple and smirked. "Perfect." Now it was time for the second part of the plan.

The Queen had schemed to impersonate as Mulan, the fishy woman that had accompanied Shan Yu. She had found out that Mulan was rather close with Clopin. It would be easy to get in close contact with the man.

She had made the transformation potion ready earlier and now all it took was to drink it. Grimhilde poured some of it into a glass and drank. Convulsions hit her entire body painfully and she doubled over. Soon the pain lessened and she traightened herself. She looked herself in the mirror. The face of Mulan stared at her from it.

Grihilde took the basket of apples and went to do her job.

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Sweet Belladonna
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